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DermXpert™ ProSkin

DermXpert™ ProSkin

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Your Ultimate Solution for Clear, Radiant Skin!

Experience professional-grade skincare in the comfort of your home with our DermXpert™ ProSkin Blackhead Suction Device. Crafted with precision and innovation, this powerful device is designed to banish blackheads and blemishes, revealing a flawless complexion.

Customizable Suction Strength

Tailor your skincare to your needs. Choose from a range of suction strengths, from gentle to intense, for a personalized and comfortable experience.

Large Screen Precision

With its large screen display, our device provides detailed suction control and real-time feedback, ensuring a seamless and effective skincare experience.

Smart Mode Technology

Seamlessly switch between manual and smart modes, empowering you with full control or automated precision, depending on your preference and skin needs.

Easy Operation

Intuitive ABS function buttons and a user-friendly start button make operating DermXpert™ ProSkin a breeze. Effortlessly switch modes and suction levels for a hassle-free skincare routine.

Safe and Gentle

Our device features a soft silicone rubber tip that ensures gentle yet effective blackhead removal, safeguarding your skin from abrasion and irritation.

Steps to Attaining Radiant Skin

Elevate your skincare routine with DermXpert™ ProSkin. Unveil a complexion that radiates confidence and beauty. Embrace the future of skincare technology – where expertise meets innovation, right at your fingertips. Experience the DermXpert™ ProSkin difference today!

Long-Lasting Power

Powered by a high-capacity 1000mAh polymer battery, DermXpert™ ProSkin offers up to 5 hours of usage on a single charge, providing reliable and enduring performance.

Sleek and Sturdy Design

Encased in high-quality APS+PC material with a chic white finish, our device boasts a non-detachable shell structure for durability and longevity.


Product size: 193*48 *42, Charging voltage: 5V/DC, Charging current: 500-600MA (when the battery voltage is less than 3.7V, and the current gradually decreases as the battery capacity increases), Charging method: USB/MICRO, line charging, 5V-500MA, Working current: 200-400MA, Standby current: ≤50UA, Suction strength: the lowest gear≤55KPA, the highest grade≥60KPA, Product power: 1.5W, Battery capacity: 1000MAH polymer battery, Battery material: high-density lithium polymer battery, Standby time: 200H, Working time: 3-5H, the highest gear can work for about 3H, Display type: VA\black film, vertical black and white LCD, dynamic drive, Shell material: APS+PC, Shell structure: non-detachable, Function buttons: ABS, surface plating (long press 2 to switch manual mode and smart mode, press once to switch working mode), Start button: ABS, surface plating, long press for 2 seconds to switch the machine, Product color: white