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PowerTone™ Body Shaper

PowerTone™ Body Shaper

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PureGlow™ Blackhead Purifying Device

Experience a revolution in beauty and fitness with PowerTone™ Body Shaper, a handheld powerhouse designed to elevate your aesthetic journey. In a sleek white design measuring 122x88x78mm, this USB-powered wonder operates flawlessly with a voltage of 36V and below.

Unlock Your Beauty Potential | Navigate through versatile modes – EMS Fitness, SL IM Shaping, RF, and Combination Pattern – all at your fingertips. PowerTone™ delivers a myriad of benefits, from fat reduction and shaping to massage and light stretch mark treatment. It's your comprehensive solution for firming, muscle relaxation, and overall skin beauty.

Cutting-Edge Features | Harness the power of Medium-Frequency EMS for deep skin penetration, 1 Mega RF for precise collagen remodeling, and a four-color light system tightening skin and rejuvenating pores. Effortlessly adjust through four gears on the large digital display screen.

PowerTone™ Body Shaper - Empower Your Beauty, Sculpt Your Confidence!